Shortlist Young Lions

2015 Design Category

We decided to create a logo that captures the curiosity of both creators and developers. In fact, our logo works almost like the symbol of a secret society that only certain people can understand.

As the basis of visual identity we have chosen the letter X, which represents the variable in mathematics, is often used in programming codes and is at the center of the organization’s name (HEXMA).

The other letters are cleverly constructed above, creating a link between the visible (creative) work and the work that is done behind it (programming).

Since the foundation is made by great men and great women we have chosen the three letters which are a common denominator in both cases, to create a simplified version of the logo.

The identity we have created has the logic of a language because people can build and create what they need, following the criteria of design. In this way, the whole identity can not only be replicated but also recreated according to the needs and requests of each new project.

It is designed to be versatile enough to be applied in online and offline media, in static or animated versions.