Who: Lais Kantor Caserta.

Occupation: Art Director and idealist.

Born: Sao Paulo, Brazil.

Lives: Milan, Italy.

Career milestones: Avanade – Milano (2015), VML – Milano (2013), DDB – Madrid (2010), Euro RSCG – Madrid (2010), JWT – Madrid (2009), Talent – São Paulo (2007).

Known for: Believe and fight.

Current fixation: Process, process and process.

Personal hero: Marina Abramović was the first one that came to my mind, maybe because she inspired me somehow.

Ambition: To be able to make the advertising & communication sector a healthier work environment and make brands do (and not just say) more for their consumers (human centered, just please).

Work in progress personal projects: for Corti Teatrali which will be a place for theater & aperitivo in Milan, I’m working with a great team of friends to make it happen. DeepSee, an app that allows blind and not blind people to connect by exchanging their view of the city.

Educational projects: I’m involved with Sogna&Realizza since 2014.

My full cv on Linkedin
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